Formulated Mud Overview

Mud is the general term of the circulating flushing media used in the holes during the drilling operation. As the “blood” of drilling engineering, mud plays a key role in ensuring safe, high-quality and fast drilling.

Disadvantages of traditional mud
For the preparation of traditional mud, a large amount of raw materials need to be transported to the site and be prepared in real time according to the conditions of the formations. The performance and stability of the mud prepared on site depend on the professional level and working experience of the preparers. Therefore, the traditional mud preparation methods result in the high procurement, transportation and use cost of mud materials, with poor reliability and stability.

What is DMD’s formulated mud?
DMD’s formulated mud is a high-concentration formulated product packed quantitatively and developed by DMD’s R&D team by extensively collecting domestic and international drilling engineering mud preparation and application big data and by using scientific detection methods and modern testing methods according to different formation characteristics. With excellent lubrication, resistance reduction and rheological behavior, and the advantages in preventing collapsing and protecting walls, reducing shrinkage, reducing casing consumption and rapid passing-through in complex formations, the mud is widely used in mineral exploration, engineering exploration and engineering construction, especially suitable for the thin-wall wire-line coring process with higher requirements for mud.DMD’s formulated mud is designed to meet the requirements of drilling engineering for environment-friendly exploration, energy saving and emission reduction. From raw materials procurement, production, processing and product packaging to the combined application with recycling and curing equipment, it minimizes mud discharge to prevent packaged materials from being left over. Therefore, it is a real environment-friendly product.
DMD’s formulated mud features scientific formula, high concentration, ready-to-use, precise materials saving and environment-friendliness etc. High-quality mud can be prepared by non- professional technicians.
The superiority and convenience of DMD’s formulated mud have created a new era of drilling mud and driven the transformation and upgrade of the exploration industry. This will lead the general trend of drilling mud application and industry development in the future.