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    Innovation Never Ends
    EGR is a leading integrated solution provider for lightweight fast drilling platform. With our never-ending innovation and one-stop services, we provide our clients with self-developed portable fully-hydraulic drilling equipment, thin-wall diamond coring tools, formulated mud and parts for exploration and investigation projects in mining, infrastructure construction and urban engineering industries. Our rigs can drill up to 1000 meters in any types of terrains and scenarios and at any angles

    Same as other international leading companies, we continuously incorporate the latest technologies and innovation into our products and services to help improve our clients’ drilling experience and ensure a faster, safer, efficient and environmentally friendly drilling operation. We also work closely with our clients to better understand their needs and challenges. Through our fast drilling solution plans and various types of cooperation models, we help our clients deal with the challenges brought by the industry changes and help them succeed in their business

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     Designated as National High and New Technology Enterprisefor portable drilling rig 

    Passed the ISO9001:2015 International Quality Management System Certificate 

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    Portable drilling rigs have obtained over 60 National Patents including 6 National Sole Patents

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    EGR special drilling equipment limited company headquarters

    Address: Luo village in Guangdong province Chinese Zhuhai Jinding Industrial Zone No. 71

    Tel: (0756) 3635086

    Sales: 13823068566


    Zip code: 519000


    Overseas Contact:

    Canada: +1 647 355 0619 (8 am – 8 pm) EST

    China: +86 138 2306 0386 (8 am – 8 pm) CST

    Hong Kong: +852 25823848 (8 am – 8 pm) CST

    Fax:  +852 3013 8323

    Email: qiu@egrcn.com


    Chengdu EGR training base training center southwest southwest repair station

    Address: Industrial Park, Wenjiang District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China



    EGR international Accessories Center (Hongkong) Company

    Address: Hongkong, 213 Queen’s Road East Hu Zhong building 22 building 2209 room



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  • Why Choose EGR

    01 Master core technology of portable fully hydraulic drilling rig The first enterprise with portable drilling rig technology as national hi-tech enterprise;Have independent intellectual property and more than 60 domestic and international patens;Have core imported components, advanced technology quality control and first-class products.


    02 Sound performance high quality and perfect service win high recognition of clients Drilling rig enters site without need of repairing road; it is lightweight, portable and fast, green and environmental protection;It is powerful; with thin-walled wireline coring diamond drilling technique, the drilling rig is stable and efficient;With high coring rate, and its overall efficiency is over 3 times higher than that of traditional drilling rigs.


    03 Complete product series and conventional drilling realize full range, full scenarios and full coverageThe first choice for hard-to-access areas, steep cutting, drilling in complex strata, construction with drilling in place of trenching;With modular combinations and diesel electric drive power interchange, the drilling rigs are applicable to surface and tunnel construction;Configured with self-propelled module, they become self-propelled drilling rigs quickly and suitable for various scenarios.

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Learn About DMD

  • About DMD

    As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhuhai EGR Special Drilling Equipment Co., Ltd., Zhuhai DMD Technology Co., Ltd. (“DMD”) is an innovative technology-oriented company specializing in formulated mud products, mud preparation systems and environment-friendly mud circulation systems.

  • Formulated Mud

    What is DMD’s formulated mud?
    DMD’s formulated mud is a high-concentration formulated product packed quantitatively and developed by DMD’s R&D team by extensively collecting domestic and international drilling engineering mud preparation and application big data and by using scientific detection methods and modern testing methods according
    to different formation characteristics. With excellent lubrication, resistance reduction and rheological behavior, and the advantages in preventing collapsing and protecting walls, reducing shrinkage,
    reducing casing consumption and rapid passing-through in complex formations, the mud is widely used in mineral exploration, engineering exploration and engineering construction, especially suitable for the thin-wall wire-line coring process with higher requirements for mud.

  • Innovation

    DMD’s formulated mud is designed to meet the requirements of drilling engineering for environment-friendly exploration, energy saving and emission reduction. From raw materials procurement, production, processing and product packaging to the combined application with recycling and curing equipment, it minimizes mud discharge to prevent packaged materials from being left over. Therefore, it is a real environment-friendly product.
    DMD’s formulated mud features scientific formula, high concentration, ready-to-use, precise materials saving and environment-friendliness etc. High-quality mud can be prepared by non- professional technicians.The superiority and convenience of DMD’s formulated mud have created a new era of drilling mud and driven the transformation and upgrade of the exploration industry. This will lead the general
    trend of drilling mud application and industry development in the future.